Megan Lizelle shines with 10 A's -

Megan Lizelle shines with 10 A’s

Christine Chiromo

16 year old, Anderson Adventist high student, Megan Lizelle Hill (16) has set the bar high for fellow Gweru scholars after attaining 10As (7Aplus and 3As) in her recently written ordinary level Cambridge examinations.

Born and bred in Gweru, Megan is the last born daughter of Eric and Angella Hill’s three children. She has studied at Anderson Adventist School since Primary level  where she was once Head Girl.

Megan Lizelle Hill

“With the intention to go and study medicine abroad, I knew Cambridge examinations are the best as they are recognized internationally and thus would widen opportunities for me. I knew in order to achieve good results I had to work very hard even though last year we were not at school most of the time due to the Covid19 lockdown,” she said.

Megan said the impact of the lockdown that resulted in schools all over Zimbabwe closing actually worked to her advantage and helped a lot despite the pressure that Cambridge examinations are said to have.

“I had access to the internet and discovered many new things and even studied at schools overseas online which benefited me greatly. My school teachers also helped me as we had online classes.

“The pressure was quite intense though. I would wake up at 6am and study from 8am to 12pm then from 1 pm to 4pm then again from 8pm to 1am, but the hard work certainly paid off.”

She also added that what prompted this decision to study abroad was the widened opportunities as there are many employment opportunities available.

Anderson High headmaster, Mr Billy Caxton Mukasvanga said the academic excellence exhibited by Megan Hill was unprecedented in the history of the school and has made everyone proud.

“Anderson Adventist High School is very proud to have such a very brilliant student. She has not only broken our previous records, but she has inspired future learners and has proven that good results can be achieved through hard work.

“We wish Megan to get 15 points at ‘A’ level, and we hope Cambridge to recognize her by offering a scholarship for her to study at Cambridge or Oxford university for her Medical Degree. We have always told our students that, discipline is the bridge to get to our goals. Megan has shown that as her character is impeccable and we wish her to continue for all her days in life”

“My parents are very proud of me as well as my siblings. I am very much pleased about my results and I would like to thank my parents for the support they gave me. And above all I thank God for awarding me with such results.”

“For other youths out there, I would just like to say hard work always pays off and God never fails his children, he does award hard work just trust Him. Do not stop at just getting help from your teachers and parents.


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