Man caught with 180 women pants -

Man caught with 180 women pants

By Faith Muringai

A 19 year old man from Fundira village under Chief Nhema in Shurugwi left locals in utter shock after he was caught with more than 180 pants belonging to different women in the area.

Farai Muchana (not his real name) was exposed last week during a church ceremony by Gweru based prophet  Madzibaba Learnmore (Learnmore Dombo) that the young man was in the habit of stealing women’s pants for his “Mubobobo” remote sex for his sexual desires. Women in the area were complaining for the past year that their pants were mysteriously missing from their bedrooms.

Madzibaba Learnmore

Madzibaba Learnmore populary known as ‘Back to Sender’, confirmed the incident and said that the young man was found with the female pants belonging to different women from Chief Nhema’s area after he exposed him during a prayer meeting.

“He had more than 180 pants with him and surprisingly he confirmed in front of people that he was the one doing all this and was using the pants for his ‘remote sex’ purposes. Farai would cover his face with the stolen undergarments and would have remote sexual intercourse with the owner of the pant without her knowledge.

Some pant owners that were present said they were noticing that some of their pants were missing but did not know what was taking place.

“I have 10 pants that went missing and I am surprised to see them all here today,” said one of the villagers.

The victims that were present together with the mother of the accused said Farai needed deliverance and prayers to cast away the demons he has.

“He really needs deliverance so that this may come to an end, “said his mother.

When contacted for comment Farai requested the community for forgiveness as he was now seeking deliverance and help from Madzibaba Learnmore.

“I request the community to forgive me as I know what I did was wrong,” said Farai.

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