Lodgers' plight over failure to secure enrolment at Takwirira Primary -

Lodgers’ plight over failure to secure enrolment at Takwirira Primary

By Varaidzo Muzonzini
Lodgers in Mkoba are crying foul after some primary schools in the area are demanding proof of residents bearing their names for their children to be offered ECD and grade 1 places, it has been learned.

Takwirira Primary School is located in Mkoba, close to Mkoba 20, 17, 16,15, and Paradise Park, which is one council-owned school being accused of discriminating lodgers.

Takwirira Pry School

Many parents who reside in these areas, who are mostly lodgers are calling upon the local authority and the Ministry of Education for Primary and Secondary to intervene for them to secure enrolment for their children.

Ward 16 Councilor Tawanda Magidi confirmed that lodgers in the area were complaining about the failure to secure places for Early Childhood Development (ECD) and grade 1, for next year’s school calendar.

“I have had a lot of parents coming to my house saying that they failed to secure place because the school authorities are demanding at least an affidavit signed by the landlord acknowledging residency of the parent. Some said that the proof of residence had to bear the same surname with the child,” said Councilor Magidi.


He also added that with this outcry there is a need to write a letter to the Ministry of Education so that they can help in solving this problem.
One of the parents who failed to secure a place for her child claimed that most children who were enrolled at some Mkoba schools were not from the locality of the schools.
She also added that denying children from the locality places at the nearest school may result in endangering young children as they may be victims of abduction as this will result in them traveling long distances to schools in other areas.

“It just shows that Takwirira is now for the rich and landlords. Most people in this area are lodgers, it is not a crime not to own a house they should enroll fairly not use the class system, children from Woodlands Park secured places while we who are very close to the school failed ” said Fortune Chikwa one of the parents. The parents also appealed for a satellite school where the disadvantaged children can be enrolled in.

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