Land sale alert for Gweru -

Land sale alert for Gweru

By Sheron Mangisi
Gweru City Council is working on ways to prevent sale of land without proper clearance papers, acting town clerk, Mr Vakayi Chikwekwe has said.

Speaking at a Climate Change meeting in Gweru, Chikwekwe said there are protocols that need to be followed going forward when buying or selling land to ensure that there won’t be more land scandals in the city.
“No stands should be sold without a proper laid out plan. Due diligence should be done before buying and selling of stands.”


He added that no stand should be sold without clearance from Environmental Management Agency (EMA). Stands should be fully serviced with electricity poles and drainage systems. The stands should have clearance from the ministry before they are sold. These measures are to ensure that the issue of land scandals in Gweru is eradicated.
He also advised that before purchasing land one should see the certificate of compliance from the one who’s selling the land.

“People should desist from just buying and selling land from each other without following rules as this will have devious consequences for them.
“Stands sold by the Gweru City Council must be advertised after compliance with measures put in place before they are sold and after the advertisement they should wait for 21 days for people to come forward and complain if there are any objections, if not then the land can be sold”

He added that the local authorities were working hard to ensure that people buy stands and build where they are supposed to.

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