"Keep Gweru town clean": a void -

“Keep Gweru town clean”: a void

By Ronald Chuma & Faith Muringai
Gweru populace, civil societies and vendors who conduct businesses in the central business district (CBD) seems to have avoided the theme ‘Keep Gweru Clean’ due to the failure by the Gweru City Council (GCC) to manage waste in the business district and in communities.

In an interview with The Sun, residents moaned about the failure by the GCC to collect garbage in town and emptying pavement bins which remain full of garbage for almost 3 days without being collected.

Shoppers are concerned about the smell which is being produced by uncollected bins as well land pollution.

“We are not happy as citizens. The theme ‘Keep Gweru Clean’ has lost its meaning because the mantra is now the opposite as the city is now producing and breeding refuse all over the town. We are inhaling bad smell from bins, and it is a threat to our health especially in this pandemic era of Covid 19,” he said.

Vendors have also expressed concern about waste management methods, which are being used to dispose refuse both in the city center and suburbs where rubbish is now being burnt .However council spokesperson, Vimbai Chingwaramusee subscribed to the fact that bins should be emptied and not to be burnt as it causes pollution and damages corrosion to bins.

“It is not to our courtesy that burning of garbage in the bins is taking place in town, we strongly adhered to rightful ways of disposing refuse and making Gweru clean as our goal,” she said

The GRRA director Cornelius Seliphiwe, said his organisation was concerned over the poor waste management by local authority and the failure to dispose and irregular collection of bins in town and locations is causing impacts to the environment.


He also noted that, there should be programs needed to be installed in communities to teach and give awareness to rightful disposal of waste.

“Council should not focus only on collection of refuse but empowering ward based community alertness programs where they encourage residents to try and lessen the rate of waste through the 3R concept, (reduce, reuse and recycle) since the council always complains about fuel problems” he said

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