Jah Reezy releases the ‘Matsotsi anthem’ -

Jah Reezy releases the ‘Matsotsi anthem’

By Ronald Chuma
The leader and founder of Matsotsi Music group, Perfect Chivima popularly known as Jah Reezy, has recently released a new track titled Matsotsi anthem, which aims at boosting the morale of youths as it encourages them to avoid crime and become the best version of themselves.

Born and bred in Gweru, Jah Reezy studied at Mkoba 3 high school where he realized his talent in music, when he used to sing on edutainment talent shows at school.

In an interview with The Sun Entertainment, Jah Reezy said that singing was a passion and a sense of self-expression for him to express the whispering campaigns of the youth’s through music.

Perfect“Jah Reezy” Chivima

“I began singing at a tender age of 10. I used to record lyrical voices using my brother’s phone, I sing as a way of speaking the plights of youths to various stakeholders for instance the government, parents and local authorities,’he said.

‘I also sing to motivate, encourage the youths to hold on to their standards and wills like my song Zvakaoma mughetto, it gives courage to do away with the hardships in the ghetto and focus on what matters.”

His recent track the Matsotsi anthem was produced by Isaac Muchena, featuring Narrator, Oleezy, N Tragic, Rissy Evolution, Josta and Tsotsi Queen.
Jah Reezy is a resident of Woodlands, Gweru and a student at Midlands State University who believes in his ambition and power to influence the youths to do right things. He is looking forward to opening his own studio and promote his various projects like Matsotsi dance group as a way of empowering youths and improving their skills and make a living out of their talents.

On the local scene, Jah Reezy said he appreciated the music of Winky D.
“Winky D is my inspiration and I hope to have a collaboration with him in future,” he said.
Jah Reezy said he was getting airplay on local radio station 98.4 FM. He noted that the radio is playing a vital role for his music to be heard as well his social media platforms that are making his talent to be appreciated by multitudes across the country.

“Next year we are planning to open Matsotsi Empire records, in which my wish is to nurture and groom youths in my area,’ said Reezy.
“Some have disabilities others are orphans and school dropouts due to fees shortages hence my aspiration is to nurture their talents in order for them to stand on their own.”

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