Husband demand whatsapp password -

Husband demand whatsapp password

QDear Aunty: I’m 28 years old and have been with my husband for 3 years, and he is six years older. Everything was great in the beginning, he was kind, romantic and a true gentleman.
Over the years I now see a different man. He wants to know everything I do, tells me how to dress and wants me to only see the friends he likes.
If I refuse sometimes he gets upset to the point of slapping me. He demanded access to my social media accounts, not that I have anything to hide but this should be a two way. He doesn’t want with his own accounts because I might see information of where he works. I have tried to discuss this issue with him, but we end up having a fight.

The whole thing is really turning me down. We have a young daughter and I feel like packing up because this is not the man I fell in love with. Please can you advise me how to handle this? – Mellissa Windsor Park

Answer Dear Mellissa: Violence is never a solution to any problem and your husband should never beat you when you have a misunderstanding, I think you should find a quiet time to tell him how you feel when he seeks to control you.
You should not deny your husband access to your phone because somehow it raises unnecessary suspicion.

When he gets angry, stay calm and don’t talk back at him but find a more polite way to convince him on why you have to be in that type of dressing.
On the issue of friends I think he is only doing this with good intention but because some friends are just home wreckers, nicely find out from him why he has certain people he doesn’t want you to associate with.

Should I tell my boyfriend

QDear Aunty: I’m a 23 year old and with a 31 year old
boyfriend. We have been dating for a year now, and he is one of the most amazing, inspiring people I have ever met. I see myself becoming family with him, but am struggling with how to tell him about my past. Through peer pressure from my friends during our school I was not financially stable and decided to sell my body to men for money.
My life changed for the better during that time, I bought clothes, went out with friends’ spending money and without a care of what is going to happen tomorrow. I then met this guy at a club and thought it wasn’t going to be a serious relationship but got attracted to him and fell so much in love that I don’t want to lose him. My problem is that should I tell him about my past? Mandy Windsor park.

Answer Dear Mandy: I think you should tell him about
your past because it’s a risk you must take. He deserves to know about your past, lest it catches up with you. It won’t be good if someone tells him about it. Selling your body for money is prostitution, most people don’t accept it but if your boyfriend is truly in love with you he will understand you though it will hurt him.

Find a way to start up the conversation about girls selling bodies for money and see his reaction and then open up to him. Good luck and hope you share again the outcome of your discussion.

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