Gweru Urban MP engages residents -

Gweru Urban MP engages residents

Gweru Urban constituency MP Hon Brian Dube

By Martin Mawaya

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Gweru Urban constituency Honorable Brian Dube has hailed Northlea residents for being developmental oriented after they managed to purchase equipment to construct a police post in the eastern suburb of the city.

Dube was speaking at his routine engagement meetings with residents aimed at exchanging notes on developmental projects in the constituency.
He said the purpose of engagement meetings was for the Member of Parliament to have first hand information from the people.

“The thrust of these meetings is to have a heart to heart discussion with residents in this constituency, because you have the knowledge and insight of the opportunities as well as the challenges in the community.
“As your representative, I am engaging with you so that you get the feedback from Parliament, share ideas as well as getting detailed information about the areas of priority for development, “said Dube.
The Gweru Urban MP has urged residents to take part in all developmental initiatives.
“I believe we can develop this city and the constituency if we all participate in developmental meetings. We must put development ahead of political affiliations so that whatever is happening in this constituency has a prospect of influencing the general development of the country, “said Hon Dube.
He encouraged residents into farming to visit the AREX department so that they can access inputs from the government.

Meanwhile, Northlea residents have called on the local councillor Hamutendi Kombayi to be visible; speed up the construction of ablution facilities and informal trading structures so that they can sell their products at designated points to avoid a cat and mouse with the local authority.
The meeting was organised by the Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRRA) in the ward.


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