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Gweru urban MP donates over 1000 books to schools

By George Vhudzi & Christine Chiromo
Gweru urban constituency Member of Parliament, Hon Brian Dube has donated over 1000 books to various schools in the city as part of his 2018 election promises to improve the quality of education.

Hon Dube who was elected into office two years ago, donated the text books to school libraries of Ascort High, Muwunga Primary, Lundi Park Primary and Sandara Primary school, based on needs of assessment.”The identification of Ascort High School is motivated by the fact that it’s our only High-Density school in the constituency and Muwunga Primary School, Sandara Primary and Lundi Park primary is motivated again by the fact of need assessment.” said Hon Dube.

The four schools which received donations of books from Hon Dube are believed to have a record of high fees and default rate making them highly incapacitated to acquire enough books on their own.
Donations to Gweru memorial library is on its centrality as it accomodates students from schools such as Thornhill, Nashville, Chaplin and from other suburbs.

The book assortment includes medical and nursing books giving convenience to students from MSU faculty of Medicine and Gweru provincial Hospital Nursing school.
Since the donations were in line with the 2018 election promises, business opportunities and funding were also in accordance with Hon Dube’s must do list.

Hon Brian Dube with Lundi Park Primary School Admin staff members

Zimbabwe Women’s Bureau and Empower Bank was engaged to come to Gweru and Youths in Business were given an opportunity also to apply for low interest loans, many women in business did apply for the low interest loans.
On schools and hospitals Hon Dube used his first constituency development fund to construct two clinics in Ivene and Harben Park with one being completed and the other one is 80% complete

The youthful leader said he was facing some challenges of lack of resources in the refurbishment of sports centre in Mtapa, Gweru District Hospital to a modern public hospital and drilling of boreholes in areas without adequate water supplies such as ward 1, 2, 6 and 8.
He stood on his defence against rumours of him acting up to secure his seat come next elections.

“There are no elections coming anytime soon in Gweru, the donations and any other people driven activities have been done since I got into Office.
“We still have at least three more years before the next general elections and I am not yet halfway into my term and I cannot be already campaigning and in any event, it is mandatory to do tangible things for the people who voted for me”, added Hon Dube.

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