G-City app launched in Gweru

Gweru Residents Forum (GRF) in partnership with the City of Gweru has launched an easy-to-use online application that will allow residents to access information from the local authority in real-time.

G-City application was officially launched by Gweru mayor Clr Josiah Makombe who said the initiative will benefit residents as they will able to do business with the council online and in the comfort of their homes.

“For us, the G-City mobile application came at the right time when as a council it was our desire to go digital amid the COVID 19 pandemic and the changing working environment.

GRF Director Mr. Charles Mazorodze

“Digital technology is rapidly developing in diverse fields, including office work. We are now in the digital revolution phase where we are experiencing the profound change that new technologies bring to the way we live; work; interact and do business. To ensure digital technologies in our operations, Gweru Residents Forum came to our aid by donating the G-City mobile application to us,” said Clr Makombe.

He said the application is a foundation of digital success for the City of Gweru, and the GRF should be applauded for helping the local authority to achieve its vision of being a sustainable prosperous city of choice by 2030.

Clr Makombe said he has tested the mobile application and it provides real-time information on service delivery which is one of the major concerns of residents.

GRF director Mr. Charles Mazorodze said residents can get access to the application by downloading it from the google play store.

“The features on the application will include report a fault, make payment, report misconduct, apply for a venue, ward chat, pay bills, view statements, send feedback, collection schedules among others.

“The ward chat feature enables the residents to engage with their councillor and share ideas on how best to develop the ward,” said Mazorodze.

Acting Town Clerk Mr. Vakayi Chikwekwe urged other residents’ associations to join hands with the council by first entering into MOA and identify projects which can benefit the city.

“Let’s put our differences aside and work together to develop our city,” said Chikwekwe – Willie Mponda

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