Floods in suburbs expose EMA -

Floods in suburbs expose EMA

By Christine Chiromo & Ronald Chuma
Recent heavy showers in the country which saw some residential houses built in low lying areas and wet lands being flooded has exposed the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) for approving housing developments in areas not suitable.

Residents of low lying areas and wetlands were for the past weeks left in despair following the incessant rains that resulted in flooding and accidents due to poor drainage system.

Gweru urban Member of Parliament, Honorable Brian Cube offered a helping hand to residents of Nashville, Ascot Extension, Riverside, Woodlands, and Athlone areas that suffered due to the flooding which resulted in seepage of water into households.

“Rivers are overflowing and the situation in Gweru has reached another level due to these heavy downpours as Nashville, Ascot Extension, Riverside, Woodlands are flooded.”

On Sunday six people are feared dead including Mr Tapiwa Chiwawa, a GCC employee after his Toyota twin cab they were travelling in was swept away at Gweru river when Chiwawa attempted to cross the flooded river which is along Gweru-Matobo road.

However, Midlands Provincial spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said they recovered 2 dead bodies and their names are not yet known. He defied the rumours circulating on social media of another vehicle having been swept away.
He added that all motorists and pedestrians must avoid crossing flooded rivers and people should wait until water subsides
” Cross only if it is safe otherwise we may risk lives trying to rush crossing when it is not safe.”

Gweru town mayor, Josiah Makombe, Councillors, Acting Town Clerk, management and staff offered their heartfelt condolences to the Chiwawa family whose car was swept off a flooded bridge on Gweru river along Gweru-Matobo road Sunday morning.

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