Crime spike in communities alarming -

Crime spike in communities alarming

By Christine Chiromo
At a time when people are battling from the crippling effects of the covid-19 pandemic and the socioeconomic challenges, criminal cases have increased in many communities.

Not to be deterred by the alarming spike in community thefts, residents in Gweru urban areas such as South downs, Southview, Senga and Ivene have resorted to forming neighborhood watch committees to curb the increasing cases of theft in the area.

Ward 4 Councilor, Martin Chivhoko said council has availed land for the construction of a police post but they are waiting for the police to sign the requisite papers.
“As a community we want boreholes in Ivene, Southview and South downs to combat the erratic water shortages however, the most pressing issue we need is a Police Post in Southview,” Chivhoko said.

He said the spike in thefts within the vicinity was alarming and the need for a closer police force would go a long way in minimizing the alarming rate of crime in the area.
Residents within the ward said most thefts cases within the vicinity were alarming as forced entries keep occurring, dogs get poisoned and this has made them more vigilant in combating crime.

Ward 4 Councilor, Martin Chivhoko

“We still await for a police post in our area however, for the time being all we can do for the safety of our neighborhood is to try to fight crime by protecting ourselves,” said one resident
Anonymous tip offs from within the police noted that there indeed has been a surge in crimes in urban areas. Of note cases such as unlawful entry, theft, fraud, domestic violence which have been on the upsurge due to covid-19 effects. These however have increased as the festive season approaches. Demolitions of vending market places have been alluded to contributing in a large way to these economic crimes.


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