Boy steals police gun -

Boy steals police gun

By Martin Mawaya
A 15-year-old boy from village 5 under chief Makuwarara, Mhondoro Ngezi was remanded in custody to the 4th of June 2021 by Provincial Magistrate Edwin Marecha for breaking into the ZRP Gweru Rural armory and stole 2 pistols and police riot gear.
A boy (name withheld) alleged to have taken advantage of being not handcuffed while held at Gweru Rural Police Station on allegation of stealing the groceries worth US$356 belonging to George Musoko a nurse at Masvori clinic in Chiwundura.

It is alleged that on the 28th of March 2021, the boy escaped from the operations officer, got into the records office where he scaled over the wall, and got into the ceiling where he moved until reached the armory.
The boy, whilst in the ceiling, used a two meters wire to fish out BSAP CZ pistol serial number 61 and a BSAP P1 serial number 1628 worth US$300 each.

He further took one riot black police overall valued at US$50, one plastic bag containing 26 of 303 live rounds valued at US$1-00 each, and one empty 303 cartridges.
He also took a black Samsung trend cellphone valued at US$60, an A16 Itel cellphone, a black handbag, gold chain, police ID, National ID, bank, and NSSA cards worth US$90 for Reuben Gwatirera and Thembelihle Dale of ZRP Gweru Rural respectively.

The boy, the court heard used his hand and took one 303 rifles serial number 1314645 with green pouch valued US$500,300 empty magazine, Remington 2.2 rifle serial number 148428 valued US$400 which were at separate firearms rack close to the ceiling.

The court was told that the boy loaded BSAP CZ pistol serial number 61, BSAP P1 pistol serial number 1628 into a satchel he was carrying leaving the rest of the stolen property in the ceiling, and left the police station unnoticed.
On the same day around 1900hrs, the accused went to number 1 school Avenue, Kopje where Gugulethu Mpofu resides. The court heard the boy opened the door holding a pistol in his right hand pointed to Mpofu who was lying on his bed and told him he is an armed person.
The boy was arrested and brought to the ZRP Central police station and the two stolen pistols worth US$2576 were recovered.

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