Beware of internet scams, Gweru women urged -

Beware of internet scams, Gweru women urged

By Karen Mkwate
Sunbox Cinema, Midlands’s chapter last week engaged with Gweru women on an empowerment initiative against human trafficking and internet scams.
In an interview, Sunbox Midlands Operations and Liaison officer, Penias Kariteni said women were supposed to be always on high alert and watch out against internet scams.

He added that the organization was geared to work with women movement and various organizations in steering advocacy on various issues.
“As an organization we seek to empower and advocate more on women issues particularly looking at gender based issues.

“More so looking at the internet we need to educate women against the dangers of scams and we need projects which can capacitate women to earn a living. We urge the government to come in with projects which can help eradicate poverty. We also want equal representation within key decision-making circles.” added Kariteni.

Operations and Liaison officer,
Penias Kariteni

Young Voices Director, Nyasha Mahwende said it was prudent for people to verify the authenticity of internet jobs as internet adverts were scams.
“What I have learnt from this screening, “Imported for my body.” as women we are victims, looking at Grace’s issue she wanted to fend for her family.
“But my advice to you is that if you see job adverts or applications don’t just rush before you verify as such scams are meant to lure people into traps. I know our economy is bad but we need to find other possibilities.

“It’s not all relatives who are in diaspora who are earning a living through good means. We need to be careful. I recently received an ambassadorial role to advocate on disability issues. At first, I was afraid because, I even went to the extent of engaging my community leaders to help me until I then discovered that indeed it was genuine.” added Mahwende.

Nobuhle Mahlahla, the Director for Youth Essence said women were supposed to work hard instead of looking for greener pastures.

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