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QDear Aunty: I’m a woman aged 36 and been married for 18 years with two beautiful children, aged 9 and 5. Ten months ago, my husband said to me that he was going to divorce you if you ever got fat.’ I was shocked by his words. Apparently, I have gained a lot of weight over the past years, but I weigh 150 kilograms and not close to obese.

I was frightened by what he said, so I had to shed off and lost 25 kilograms. He didn’t notice that I had lost weight, so I asked him, ‘Is there any change?’ My husband scolded at me saying I should go to the gym like other women than staying at home and eat.
Aunty, nothing I do is good enough. I sometimes do part time jobs and take care of our kids and the house. Thought baking and cooking might bring us closer but he doesn’t appreciate my efforts.
Am confused now Aunty what should I do to bring happiness in my marriage?- Mai Tino, Mkoba 15


A For your husband to threaten you with divorce if you didn’t lose weight was unfair and uncalled for. Maybe your husband didn’t mean his words but wanted to motive you to exercise and loss weight. I know that most men are attracted to women with big bodies.

Since your feels that you are now over weight and naturally his suggestions are in good faith. Losing weight is not easy, but I advise you to take up the challenge and go to the gym as well as other training methods like Yoga, Zumba or morning jog.
Exercising is good for health and mind, take up the challenge Mai Tino.

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