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Ask Aunty Michy

QDear Aunty: Am a 25 year old girl who is crazy in love with a 63 year old man and he is in love with me too .We are planning on starting a family together but my problem is I am facing rejection from his family members and the assumption is that I am waiting for his death so I can inherit his wealth. How do I convince them that this is true love and has nothing to do with his money. Kudzi- Athlone


A Your boyfriend’s rela tives might be right because in most cases younger women get easily attracted to older men because all they are looking for is to a sugar baby. Younger women like easy money and don’t mind dating older people for it. They want someone to pay for their bills and give them and give them a lifestyle they cannot afford Howewer its good that you have mentioned that its not the money you are after.
As to his suggestion of having a child for him, some of these men would love to have children and if you are sure you want to give him one, I suggest you should wait a little before m

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